Can someone explain me what is going on here?

Attached picture is a screenshot of my blocks. As you can see here the list has 2 items having email addresses in it. You can check the below Do It Result. Also, you can see the text input which contains the same email address. So why the “is in list” block returning false?

Thank you!

how did you initialise the global email ids

I initialized it as an empty list.

What you should have done here is to use add item to list block once airtable got value. It will work that way. The value gotten will be added to the created list, then from there you can check if it’s in the list of values.

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make sure the global email ids is a list? test it with that block?

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Yeah it is a list…I checked

I tried that too but it add items to list block does not work here because the Got Column event returns multiple values.

can you share your aia, if possible to cross check, then?

Are you sure that email_textbox.Text doesn’t contain an empty space at end or between ?


Also just a thought, move second if … then statetement below first one …

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As i see on text box there is space as dora said
gmail .com and gmail . com, can you see the difference

Yes I checked that

Sorry but I can’t see that. Can you please highlight that?

Thanks but this is also not working

In airtable, [email protected] com is not the same as [email protected]

This is my airtable

Sorry I didn’t get you

Post a test aia here

@Aditya_Singh :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

Yeah sure…
thekhakibakers.aia (1.7 MB)