Can we use Notification component for push notifications . If we don't use one signal

Pls help us. How can we send push notification without one signal.

For now, you need OneSignal

Sir we can’t sent push notification from direct firebase.

Why do you want send notification from Firebase?
You can send notification via OneSignal website.

Because my app crashes .When I use onesignal

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Because OneSignal is an experimental component.
Also are you sure your app crashes when you use OneSignal? Maybe your other blocks are causing crashes?

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Play store console showing error. N showing onesignal in error

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What is the error? Can you send report?

I found this;

Usually, IllegalStateException is used to indicate that “a method has been invoked at an illegal or inappropriate time.” However, this doesn’t look like a particularly typical use of it.

I can’t understand bro. Can u help me for stop crashing app.

I never used OneSignal. But - I think - you may be using OneSignal incorrectly.

Bro… My app crashing after I update API level to 26. Before same app working good with one signal.

There are some problems with OneSignal on Android 8

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What’s the solution sir. Any other alternate for push notification.? Why makeroid not make own push notifications system?

You can probably send message to your users from Firebase directly, check this video;

why you need to update your API level ?
are there any need on the device or what so you decided to upgrade your API level?

Sir how to send in makeroid or thunkable from firebase.?

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