Can't set eCPM Floor for Test Ads in Companion

While testing in companion. Unable to show Test ads even though the Test Mode property is already enabled in the designer.

When setting eCPM Floor from blocks:

When Trying to Load ad:

I believe the issue lies in setting eCPM Floor from companion or while the Test Ads are enabled. The Ads don’t load as the eCPM floor is absent. I also tried changing Floor Amount from Optimized to other USD amounts but still it was unable to set Floor amount.

Kindly note that this issue only occurs in the Companion and using Test mode for my Ad components…

I request Kodular team to kindly look into this issue.



I tried testing again and turns out enabling the Test mode property caused issues. Also some times Do it Block was not executing on Ad components However it did work for me when the blocks were executed through an Event (Click, Long click, etc.).

Are you running the latest version of the companion app?

Yes, The Companion issue was because Test mode was enabled on Ad Manager components, I guess.

Hi @Vishwas,

I am using the Latest companion version.

The Test ads were showing in companion when the Test ads of all components were disabled in Designer. For some reason it was throwing some error while trying to set eCPM Floor when enabled Test mode.


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