Changing color according to data

If the number in the red box is over 3 as you can see in the picture, how can I change the color of the background?

I pull data from site

You used dynamic or collintree tree or listview with images? Screenshot alone wont gives us complete info.

If you are using dynamic component, then it is very easy. While adding text to the componet just use if else block


this is how i pull data


When the number exceeds 3 on the site I shoot, the color turns yellow, I want to do this in the application. When the number exceeds 3, the background color is yellow.

What is this??? Why dont you use very simple one?? Ok, let me suggest you wait…

Among these three which one is belongs to button?

midddle number pulling

what is the yellow block, got elements? any extension or kodular inbuild blocks?

I can get the color code from the site, but I cannot apply it to the card.

I can shoot the color code, but it gives an error, as in the image, does not change the background

No you are wrong… You are confusing me, that red one is button or card view?

I made them with a card

show that one…

Please better you can use dynamic card, it will destroys most of your blocks and your app size too will reduce…

You could use color utilities to convert hex color to integer

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