Circle Image in firebase also

Hello everybody ! How are you all
I am making an application and I wanted to crop an image to circle and i want that image to upload to firebase storage in the form of circle only. If there is any extension regarding this then please share it. Please someone help

Try this

And also this

Also this maybe

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Let me check and by the way thank you :relaxed::blush:

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Thanx a lot @Yashsehgal022. But will you please tell me that when the image uploaded to firebase using the extension of @Sumit1334 the image will be in the shape of circle. Menas when I will open the firebase storage link then the I image will be in circular form

I have not tried anything, maybe you can do some experiments from the reference provided above and let us also know the results

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Ohk sure
And again thank you :relieved:

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