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The Aia has been uploaded! Enjoy.

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Thanks, if i have any issues I’ll contact you asap ok?

This aia is download as a Zip file not as a extention.

I try to remove .zip but still facing same problem

You just have to rename it and remove last .zip

Btw, I have uploaded .zip file above in that you will get the aia file.

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Thankyou. Now problem solved

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Thank you this app. Is it possible to use our own firebase with this? How can we do that? Can you make a simple guide please?

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Yes, you just have to create your own firebase realtime database and replace the old URL with your firebase URL.

aia file ?

Already Provide by owner


I am not a professional developer so could you please tell me how to create Firebase database like you

no need to create a firebase database structure when you run the app and send a message it will automatically create it here.

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Please read

You just have to create a realtime firebase database, copy URL, connect it with the app. Done.

Dont forget to set your firebase rules read and write to true.

Once your app is connected with firebase and you start sending data to firebase, it will be stored in the firebase.

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thanks you, but now my problem is how to add image msg facility…

please guide me @dora_paz @The_K_Studio @Kreativestore

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Image attachment is not supported in this aia. This is just a basic chat view with firebase database.

Dear @The_K_Studio

Kindly provide aia file because i am not able to download there is someting showing error so please provide latest zip or aia file link

Crown kodes

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Both aia files download without any issues, just tested them


Dear @dora_paz

Thanks now its working properly

Appreciate to your instant reply