Coming soon extension to create your cryptocurrency or token - Update Release date Dec, 2020 (Hopefully before)

I appreciate all the emails we have received.

Due to the requests and questions we will be releasing the extension that contains the algorithms for the creation of cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin and Ethereum systems.

Some requested features.

1.- To be able to create your own valid cryptocurrency address or personalized token in the bitcoin system.

2.- Function to create valid bitcoin addresses to make transactions in the real world.

3.- Function to create valid Ethereum addresses to make transactions in the real world.

4.- Others.

I advance the modules we are testing before release. Release date: Dec 2020 / We have delayed this release. We are adding different exchanges and transaction modules that comply with the certification of international exchanges. (Hopefully before)…

We are working on the user guide…The extension will be free.



how price are changes in cryptocurrency? can i control the price of my cryptocurrency?

But, it’s not available for india :frowning:

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which countries is this available? we can use VPN.
Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender in India , and while exchanges are legal , the government has made it very difficult for them to operate.

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You can put the price that you consider appropriate for your cryptocurrency.

This extension will only give you the facility to create valid addresses for your currency or for BitCoin or Ethereum, it will have the modules to validate and the processes that are needed to carry out transactions between mobile phones.

An important part is that of communications to cover this topic you can consult the extension OpenQbitP2P guide where it says step by step how to integrate a “Peer to Peer” network.

To know how to launch your own token or cryptocurrency, I suggest this manual on how to create an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

GuideToCreateToken-EN.pdf (1.0 MB) - English.

GuiaParaCreacionToken-ES.pdf (1.0 MB) - Español

These guides are just a reference, prices and times are based on how much you want, I have read that there are projects in which the token has been launched by a single person with almost zero cost.


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If you want to launch a cryptocurrency or token, the laws of each country should be reviewed.

There are countries that are closing this kind of asset for different reasons, however there are other countries where they are open to this kind of asset.

Due to the time we live there is already a large percentage worldwide that are accepting this kind of financial assets.

My suggestion if you plan to launch your own currency and in your country you have many requirements or they do not allow it, you can launch it in another country.


Estonia which is considered the silicon valley of europe you can get everything online the process to launch the currency there. You can open a company without traveling there everything online the process costs you 100 euros to get the digital residency and it is easy and and all procedures are online internet, i leave you to the link in case you are interested.

This will open you up to the world to do business of all kinds.


As far I know, In India we cannot use Cryptocurrency in government works/transaction. But we can use/keep them.
But don’t quote me on this.


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yes in some places it wont be there

wow, great :+1: