Companion White Screen on Launch

After the last update on Play Store, the Companion app is taking 1-2 minutes to load the app, It shows that white screen for a long time before the ‘Scan Code’ button appears.
And after connection, it has become too slow.
Before this update it worked fine.

Tested on
My Device - Redmi Note 8 Pro (Android 9)
Other devices - MiA1, Honor Play, Redmi Note 7S
All devices have shown same behaviour

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Remove from recent apps and launch again
If it doesn’t work then Clear App Data…

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I have tried :
Removing from recents
Clearing app data
Different devices

Some time it works and sometimes not…
What you can just do is wait on Companion Launch when white screen comes…
And change Topic category BUGS…

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changed the category to bugs

Even companion has to communicate with the server, so if you have slow internet, server has a hiccup then it will surely by a white screen

P.S I have it to, but briefly 1-10 sec


This is my internet speed, it remains constant always, still the white screen issue.

Show me this and keep in mind this is to your closest server, try with a server located outside your country


@Boban How much data does it take to Initialize Companion?
Every app loads fast (internet) on my phone
Is it downloading a large file?
My internet speed is fast enough…
Why it is not showing White screen every time?
There may be a bug in Companion…
Please kindly check…
Kodular is not like before in performance…
Sometimes Kodular Creator hangs (Mainly Block Screen)… Companion gets disconnected frequently…
Even in Compiled app… there will be some bugs

Hope it will be resolved…
Thank You… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here it is

Yes am facing all these problems too

I did a little experiment, although I don’t think it is very related

It was revealed to us in the publication “Block APP for internet access - #18 by Diego” all the applications that have advertising components will use the Kodular Creator API to know if a purchase was made to eliminate commission or if it was approved to show ads outside the Google Play Store, this includes Companion

As a “test” I made a simple GET request to one of the API URLs, taking between 9 to 13 seconds between the 4 requests I have made


I also noticed that the API uses forced SSL, I have repeatedly read that requests can be delayed quite a bit due to SSL

@Kodular is there anything that could be done about it? :thinking:


With those values to your closest server, now think how those values would be when connecting to the other continent which is on the other side of you

Or maybe it has

Companion Ads Removal


Some other stuff you can try out

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Using Netflix servers, works like other globally available tools including, and the results should be similar in most cases.

Extracted from, as indicated, uses Netflix servers, although it never indicates if it measures the speed between your connection and a Netflix Server or between a nearby OCA (Open Connect Appliance)

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hey the problem is still there, I have also purchased the Ads Removal system by clicking on the Dollar Sign, but still the companion takes too long to load, the white screen is shown like for 5 minutes, sometimes it takes forever to load.
This is frustrating now. @Diego

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