Creating a list

I want to create a list of “Memos for the population”
A list of “MEMOS” should appear on the screen, when pressed, a text or picture should appear, when pressed again, everything is welded back together

Help, I’m generally stupid how to do it

Need more info. Your query is not clear… Show us some screenshots…

Here I want it to be. There is a list of names, there are subsections in them, and when you click the subsection, the text would open

You can achieve it by using dynamic component extension

The problem is with me, I’m stupid, I don’t know how to do it

What is your database? Firebase? Gsheet? File? Airtable?..

I thought that in this situation, you can do without databases. I only thought to insert a text in advance that people would see

that’s the kind of stuff I did, but it’s something that’s not a fig not an option. I would like the text to open with a pop-up window and somehow arrange it

the ability to formalize the text

Is your list big? If not, then you can put them in a global variable. for display you can use cardview, list, spinner, etc. as soon as I’m at the PC I’ll make you a template

thirty planned. I would be very grateful if you could help

test.aia (11.9 KB)

Thank you very much. Tested it. I get too huge a text that doesn’t fit everything. That is, the dialog box does not go down, so it is impossible to view the entire text

is that hard to do?

this is just an example. no need to make a dialog box with an extension. you can also use notification

Sorry, but
Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement 1 set the text stopped being displayed

When I make a Notifier, nothing also appears

Set the width of the text as a percentage, for example 90%.

Uploading: test (1).aia…

no, nothing happens

your ai file didn’t load. click on edit and upload again

test (1).aia (23.0 KB)