Discussion about Rules Enforcement

I haven’t created a off topic yet.
Some of them (off topic) are useful but some of them are not.

moderators should delete it(off topic) if they went wrong.

But creating off topics for memes, celebration ?
What does that actually mean?

Sometimes we are forgetting that for what we are here, that should change


I have also been a part of many great off-topic discussion in Community. It not feels good that the entire category in has been removed.

But, by seeing the current situation, I can understand that the decision taken by staff was somewhere necessary to maintain the rules and main motto of our community.

I always respect the decision taken by them and the hard work of moderator/staff to keep the community and creator working with its full strength as now a day we see more users comming/switching to kodular due to the good/best service in all AI Distros.

Yep, why ?


…admin’s birthday,mod’s birthday,ProKoder’s birthday and few other’s birthday.
Also include promotion of Kodular on YouThube.
Are that OK?
I will have to do a little research to find which Country’s Independence was celebrated here first.

One day we will beat StackOverFlow in this field.:joy:
Blockly can be an alternative to Coding but can’t be better than it.Remember it also uses Java code.

I am not complaining but giving suggestions and putting my thoughts here.
If I am not allowed to do so then I will delete my posts.

O Great Soul! Where were you from starting?

I have only one question:
Why it ended on 15 August?

I have no other issue.


ofcourse not

please don’t go political

I agree with Kodular staff
But as @vknow360 said it should be allowed to TL3 (Trust Level 3) members
So that there will be only off topics which really matters


Yep, Agree because there were some useful off topic and that we also related to kodular.
For eg. A off topic by @vknow360 about his screen recorder Extension. Useful for who announces their Extension/work/guide to get a response and suggestions.

More topic

These were also a helpful discussions.


For the ones complaining about the removal of the off topic category, I have a solution.
DISCOURSE IS FREE!! https://www.discourse.org/
Why don’t you create a community based on this same platform Kodular used to make their own community and allow people to post whatever they want!!!?? :wink: :grin:


I may sound like rude but I don’t want to be that.
India does not have lack of knowledge and creativity but what we lack is called support of family and friends.
We are able to face outsiders but are completely helpless in front of questions which are asked by family members(specially relatives).
Even I have not told my parents that I am an extension developer but yes they know that I want to be a Software Engineer(and they do whatever they can to help me in this field).

In short, if we had support of family and money then there can be another Kodular in India.

Sorry for the inconvenience.:pray:
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey don’t take me bad. I said creating off topic for fun is not a good ideas sometimes… And I’m not totally against that…we should have a friendly discussion here. We should consider all. Each of us is an important part of this community, and it should be like this.

And you made me sad here :pensive:

I totally agree with you


Some youtubers are making fake videos about the kodular, these types of videos will create wrong image of kodular
Removed by mod


I know, ignore them, those are just fake videos with made up points made to lower the reputation of Kodular.


hi i have an idea that you can post videos on youtube and create a separate channel for tutorials
this will make less crowd nonsense talks, etc.they can refer to youtube
you decide if u want community rules as well on youtube when people type kodular related search

Sorry, this is not the time and place to start polls.


i agree i am re moving them

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No, we don’t. You know the exact reason.

Okay, if it is so, then every topic and every post which will be in non English will be flagged and you should remove it and you have to ban him!

I agree with this and respect your decision.

But what about the users which are got suspended during this issue…


well i think topics shouldnt be unlisted if there is any problem with user as i did there was some problem in asking q/a so i duplicated the topic
community should agree it

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


That’s what we say in the Rules Enforcement topic if you have read it… That we will not allow any single post in non-English, everything MUST be in English.


Then what is the use of translator plugin? Why was it installed?
But it does not work correctly :frowning_face:

Also what if someone posts in Hindi or any other language and provide a translation below the post.