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(Ay-yıldız ) #1

Is there a screen resolution information import plugin?


(Philipp Lang) #2

I dontz know exactly but i believe there is a extension from Taifun. Look at this.

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(Cian) #3

Are you looking to try to identify what the screen type is to then change the siplay?

@MeteorCoder . Thoughts?

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(MeteorCoder) #4

Thanks for inviting me to give thoughts @cian! To understand the situation on my end, I believe the user is asking possibly for display:

- Density DPI
- Width
- Height

All of which have been added for the next Hosts update!


(Cian) #5

Nathan, that will be so usefull.

Might be worth a smaller light weight extension. I would use it for sure. Thanks mate.

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(MeteorCoder) #6

I don’t know. It does deal with device things, and my extension is a bundle of everything.

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(Boban Stojmenovic) #7

Is it available in your latest version and does it really shows screen real size.


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(MeteorCoder) #8

Thanks for the question @Boban! No it’s not. It will be in the next version.

You tell me in the next update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(Yusuf Cihan) #9

With which method? Because as far I know, every Width and Height block giving another size (when I use extension, and when I use Screen1 blocks):

  • App Screen Size
  • Device Screen Size (Resolution)

(MeteorCoder) #10

Currently there is GetWallpaper in Hosts (latest version). This will display resolution in GotWallpaper. However you’re correct, it will only return the output of which is displayed online for specs of your device. Why would it matter the way I do it though, I can still add it even if it’s a component because maybe other people from other Communities only come here for the Community and to grab some AIXs, like sometimes I do.

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(Ay-yıldız ) #11

No need for plug-in. I found a way to show the screen resolution. Correctly.

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Why not share the solution with everyone?


How I can know which device I am using?
(Ay-yıldız ) #13

OK. Here is the simple solution. But no dpi. Turn off power saving mode.


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