Special Tools Extension showing wrong resolution (Height)

hello Koders, i am trying to make a device info application and i am using SpecialTools extension in my app to show Height and Width of the device and it seems the height information is not correct.

my screen resolution is 1080 x 2160 pixels (according to CPU-Z app and my system settings) but the extension is showing 1080 x 2032.

My Device - Honor 9 Lite

so i request you guys to test the extension, so we can find out what is the main problem here. and i request Mr Mika to take a look into this too.

you can download the extension from - NMD Extensions - NMD - Create your own App

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This extension might be helpful :point_down:

tested this too… getting same result

It is because of the navigation bar. Try hiding it. :wink:

i dont think its connected with the navigation bar. but to confirm i tested that too. i disabled status, navigation and title bar. but still getting same result


Tested the Special Tools extension and it’s working perfectly for me

did you try on CPU-Z app. if not then pls try on that and compare.

Yes tested with CPU-Z.

Both CPU-Z and mentioned extension gave same result
Just to let you know the device with me is Asus Zenfone 3.

So I don’t what exactly the error may be.
But for me it’s working!