Doesn't get files after paid for extension

I’ve paid for a extension to Shivendra_Kr_Sahu yesterday and almost 24 hours after he doesn’t reply my messages.
I think this is an absurd because his profile in Kodular Community says that he is a Translator, I tought it would be something that I could rely on.

Is there anything we can do about it?
I’m really needing the extension from my app…

Just be patient, you will receive it.

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Actually He Dont Came Online,Else He Is Selling From So Many Days
so he will get when he comes online


He is trust worthy bro but his services are very slow don’t worry

Sorry for late reply.
I was somewhere more busy than this job.
Make sure confirm once you send money to any developer, He is free to send you immediately or not.
Send money only after confirmation.
Let go of it
You pm me full information about sending money.
I have also sent you my whatsapp no so that the exchange of messages will be fast

You are saying that you are my wife.
How many days have you known me ?
You have never bought an extension from me, then how can you say that?

Well i also have your number bro and we also have talked on phone call several times.
It hurts when you say those things.

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