Dual Screen Creator


I received my second screen yesterday, and I had an idea to take full advantage of it with Kodular.

Here is my idea:
Add a button to open the blocks in a new window, which you could put on your second screen, or even side by side on a single screen, so you don’t have to switch between block and designer.

There would be no need to have the navigation bar on the blocks page

EDIT : @yusufcihan and @Daniel created an extension for that !

and when you change screens in the designer, it also changes in the blocks

This could make it possible to be more productive by working as on the first image, or like this with a single screen:

I think it could be a very practical feature, which may not be too complicated to implement

That’s a nice idea. In the days of App Inventor Classic, so not App Inventor 2 as it is known today, this was possible.

The blocks editor was a separate program running apart from the designer.

Wouldn’t know if it would be easy to do.


AppInventor classic was a program? I thought it was online !


The blocks editor was a separate java based program running in a separate window of your browser as far as i remember.



I too have a Dual Display and i think this feature would make the development process 2x Faster and easier. Great Recommendation :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


I think I can do that, I will try to make a simple Windows browser app which opens Kodular without navigation bar. But, I can’t guarantee. :sweat_smile:


But you must also be able to work on both windows at the same time, and that the changes are saved for both windows!


Well, I tried to make a simple browser, but there was a lot of problem such as feature, poor performance because of there is no engine etc.


I thought, maybe I can hide navigation bar with another thing which controls web pages.

And, here it is! An browser extension to hide Kodular Creator’s navigation bar. :grin: Actually, this is a very good idea for me, becaue you don’t need to create a browser to make the dual screen. I used the existing one.

It is a good thing for me because I also learned how to create Chrome extensions. :rofl:

The extension is not public. Because this extension only applies to Kodular Creator. So only users have the link can access extension. You can get it from there:

Usage is simple. Just select a mode.

  • Focus - hides the full navigation bar.
  • Compact - hides the only top bar. screens, assets, designer, blocks button will be shown.
  • Default - revert all changes.

Just give me some time, I will port this extension for Firefox also. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow ! Very good work ! I will use it as soon as it will be avaible on Firefox :grinning:

Create a New topic to make this extension more visible !


I forgot :sweat_smile: I created a new one right now.


That is an amazing idea, but since only a few people use more than one computer screen I don’t know if the team will be very excited to do that.

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I answered with you

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It can be useful on One Screen too, with 2 Windows on the screen !

Then you can help them by creating extensions for features you want instead of waiting and/or begging to the staff. :roll_eyes:

  • Staff members are not a robot which can do everything in seconds.
  • Staff members have a life like others. So sometimes they may not have free time.

Treat staff as a human. Not a robot.

What is your problem? Do you think they can do everything in minutes or seconds? They are a human, of course, they will add features/fix bugs in spare time.

You all voted to this topic to get an option to disable the Kodular’s navigation bar. Looks like 17 users want this feature.

Then I and @Daaniiieel made a browser extension to disable Kodular’s navigation bar. Yeah, staff maybe could have added this feature, but we wanted to help the staff. Because we had possibilities to hide the navigation bar already. So asking for a feature from staff which we can do already is only wastes the time. Now, the staff doesn’t need to add this feature. We basically, saved time to them. So they can focus on another thing(s) :slightly_smiling_face:

And this I Want request done, finished and we have the option to disable navigation bar anymore (you don’t even have a dual screen):


Whoever said that I do not seek it

We do not beg but give some more effective ideas to a larger number of users

We may suffer from many problems in different things. The dual-screen option may add some ease to some, but we care about apps that are created over the platform
Especially since what I have reached today is wonderful

Of two windows is difficult but it is evaluated as a continuous use when I used the site at first sight I considered it more complicated than appinvintor

But with time it’s easy

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If you don’t like than please ignore it instead of fighting.

staffs will decide what they have to do first so no need to mention


Given how easy it is to have multiple screens using something like SpaceDesk on Windows (sadly no such easy way on Linux), multiwindow capability would be very useful! I could keep the designer open on my tablet, and modify blocks on my desktop monitor.

P.S. On this note, a separate components panel and property inspector would give the same boost to productivity. ^^’