Duplicating Firebase DB avoids "bugs"?

Hello Community. I need to understand this because its driving me crazy.

Basically, when I execute only this block, it returns a disorered list.

I obtain:

But when I execute a copy of this procedure at the same time, it shows the list properly (in order)

I obtain:

What on earth is going on here? Why when I DUPLICATE the procedure it shows the result correctly?

P.S: I created an screen test for this, i execute either one/both when the screen initialize.

The first blocks show the tag list in order to created each tag. I’m 99% sure you created tag Uruguay, Argentina, Jamaica in these order ? or i’m wrong ?

I can’t remember that. But should it affect? because after that I apply the bubblesort method (in the tag list so it orders the tag in an ascending order) - And why when I duplicate the procedures it is fine? this drives me crazy

Is a good question !!! i can’t found diferences into your blocks.
Always I work with Firebase Get Tag list returns me in order to created each tag. Try delete all tag and created again ( remenber the order to create ) only for test

Hey I’ve just tested it and no, it does not follow the order :frowning: Take a look

And the order I created it was:

  1. Argentina 1072421552810
  2. Brasil 1082921576386
  3. Uruguay 1072821588826

And as you can see I left the comment and the tag after gettaglist : 1. Brasil, 2. Uruguay. 3. Argentina

Holy moly whats going on here?