Dx Stage Error (I cannnot export)

I saw this problem in community but non of them solve my problem. When I try to export my app , it giving me dx stage error. I added 300 blocks to people can download and share an mp3 file. Before that I can export my project but now I cannot. There is no problem in block (I know it because previously I was added these blocks , I just added on it more block). I’m not using any extension. how can ı solve this?


what’s your package name?

Also have a look here :point_down:

my package name : musameric.stuff

when ı click to link it says " We are sorry, but you do not have access to Google Groups. Please contact your Organization Administrator for access."

Try to change the package name to something like com.domain.appname

May be your organisation is restricting you from accessing Google groups. Btw, I have changed that link to different post. You may try again

I believe you have to be logged in with google…

It’s common dx error and I have never experienced this with package name

My usual answer to DX error is, you have too much of something…

The link posted in my reply works without login (for me atleast)

I just asked this to make sure that the basic is clear

Yes you are right and the link posted above also says the same. But unfortunately OP is not able to access it

I have a lot of horizontal arrangment but in the pas I can export with same amount of horizontal arragment. When I add some more blocks , I couldn’t export. Blocks are same block in previous version.

I acces it right now. I’m reading it right now.

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I read it but non of them solved my problem.

You might want to check this to see if it solves your problem. Try reducing those arrangements if possible. Because problem might be :point_down:

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I delete at least 100 blocks but it still giving me same error. If I share my .aia with you can you check it?

I might look into it and see what it looks like, most of it seems to point to yours arrangements…

With same amount of arrangment I could export , but when I add long click for every button it gave me the error. I will send you the .aia file in message right now.

Then try to use the blocks from Any component category

it should be diffrent for all buttons. When you long click the button , you download and share an audio file.

As I’m looking at your project right now, for future additions this will be unworkable project, even as of now it’s not finished either, you have more songs then buttons that should play them etc…

We would have to redesign your project by using extension DynamicComponents

and even this approach,

this will cut down to your designer by 95% and blocks by 80% for that matter.

This went even better then my prediction.

Blocks from 3432 to 491 = XX%?

Components before


Components after


Buttons are gone and Horizontal Arrangement from 154 to 5 = XX%?


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