Dynamic component not getting the exact data that is selected from cardview

i am making the voucher entry app,
First screen :- when data gets saved in google spreadsheet, in first screen it will get data from sheet 1, (the data is Name of the customer, Opening Balance, and Closing Balance)

2nd Screen:- the data will show in list view when the user click the list. it will automatically open the data of the selected customer which is set in second sheets of google spreadsheet,( the data in that sheet is date of invoice, name of customer, voucher number, and total billed amount.)

screen 3:- Again, when user click on the list of the second sales invoice it will get the whole goods details that customer purchased.
but when user clicked on second screen card view it is not getting the single selected data. error shown like this

This shown is the voucher number . that we are going to sort according to the voucher number and voucher type.

why do you use different screen? why do you muse multiple global vairables?

Use arrangements instead of screens…
Print the response content ina global variable and from this variable take the thing what you want

Even I didn’t get the exact data when I click in the list. it shows all the data that are in the list associate with the name of the customer. when i click on the 3rd list it don’t show 93 but it shows the error.

This is not fair… first tell the app to check whether the clicked component is dynamic or not… If possible give us testing aia and not the real one.

screen1 or screen2? when you are getting this error?

companion not connected

on screen 2

No data obtained from gsheet, anyhow try like this

not solved at. same issue

wait for few minute

@Still-learning i am waiting