Easy Pezy- Wallpapers πŸ–ΌοΈ , Ringtones πŸ”” and Quotes πŸ–‹οΈ

Easy Pezy

Wallpapers :framed_picture: , Ringtones :bell: and Quotes :fountain_pen:

This is free and simple to use.
You will get everything that comes to your mind, any types of wallpapers and ringtones.
Customize your background with cool filters and stickers.
Wide selection of ringtones, wallpapers and quotes are here.


App Store/Download link: http://bit.ly/easypezy2021


Good Ui, maybe a bit of work is needed in the designing of UI.

Nice effort though

Quick tip do not use plain white over dark black i mean the regular black background it strains the user’s eye and may result in the user not using your app for a long time.

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Good app, but I encountered some bugs :beetle:

  1. The app is published on play store but I guess you left the test mode β€˜ON’ for ads

  1. While previewing any wallpaper show the whole preview. Currently the back button and the botton arrangement containing other button are overlapping the preview, which doesn’t seem good :point_down:

  1. The back button you provided on the preview screen doesn’t seem to work :point_down:

  1. When the screen containing the controls to upload our wallpaper is open and we click info button, the screen gets messed up :point_down:

  1. Same issue as above while screen related to quotes is open :point_down:

  1. The Whatsapp share button text is getting trimmed :point_down:

  1. I don’t know about others but personally I didn’t liked the draggable buttons :point_down:


My ringtone didn’t set successfully i tried many times

The UI is amazing. I am good at UI/UX Interface design.

Test mode should be off. Seeing test ads on an app published in the Play Store is funny. :joy:
Test ads should be removed to prevent any trouble or suspension from happening.

Thank you clawser i will soon work in it :pray:t3:

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I am soon going to fix this bug … Thanks you :heart::relaxed:

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Try to set . I tested it many times

No @yashaggarwal376 is right, that doesn’t work even for me. You need to check it again @Bdev

great app
ui is of centered