Edit or Modify the AAB file

i have posted the manual way and post is updated now who get error just try with hard method

Type below command in cmd and show your out put

java -version

look this video :

bandicam 2021-08-31 05-46-38-006.mp4 (3.78 MB)

… thank you

Thanks a lot simple dimple it was a great job! I was able to generate my aab file with ease but there is only one issue with the signing!

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yes you need to sign your aab file with your key

you can follow these guide1 and guide 2

@Shreyaa where are both the tutorials? In this thread I saw you talked about 2 methods of doing soand the post ended. I am unable to see your method. Below post there are some links by other people. How would I know your tutorial then?

If read the main post you will get anyway post link Edit or Modify the AAB file

This is the result of step 7 of the long method. Please help me.

The command you executed is

Modules= base.zip means where created the base zip copy path and paste it and In out put place the any folder path with \YourAabFileName.aab in the end of path

After that is will generate the aab file in out put

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What if instead of .zip we make it .aab. I mean by renaming. That will not work?

Nah, It doesn’t work because before step 7 only res folder get encoded with proto format but other file like androidmanifest.xml , libs etc folder are left

this step will make it

What is “build-bundle” ?

Its an tool created by Google

What is this?

You didn’t input your created base.zip path

Path = YourUsername/desktop/Yourfolder/base.zip

Java -jar bundle-tool-1.8.0 modules=YourUsername/desktop/Yourfolder/base.zip -o YourUsername/desktop/Yourfolder/output/base.aab

Your command should look like this just paste your path

Because I copied base.zip to my current directory so I do not need to write the path

You need to do

As this?

no you forgot to enter commands

Modules= path /base.zip and -o /output/test.aab

Read my main post i written the command