How to convert AAB to APK

Good job but this way is not effective with all cases instead you can do this offline in a simple way using Bundletool.jar you will use cmd on your PC
you can install bundletool.jar from this GitHub repository:

see this video too know how to use but it show how to convert AAB to APK

also, you will need this in case you doesn’t changed the keystore of your aab :

Default Keystore Password: android
Default Keystore Alias: androidkey
Default Key Password: android

I don’t think so.

Apk To AAB android app is the easiest way to convert Apk to AAB with your app signing key within seconds. No need to complicate it. Only you have to watch an ad to convert your apk for free.

Using this app only, I updated all my apps to API 33 successfully.

Thanks @Gaston for the guide.

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Impractical system, I think it only serves to confuse and complicate things even more.

I don’t know what your intention is but you can create your publication and method.
I say so as not to hinder the published form that linearly has been giving good results.