Error when making the App bundle

Hi Koders.
Suddenly I have an error when trying to compile the app bundle. No problem if I make an apk file.
The error is this:

I made an app bundle some hours ago, without problems, them made some tiny changes to the blocks and then this happens.
I made no changes in the signing certificate or anything like that.
Any idea here?
Thanks in advance!

No… His issue is different. He is using either some extension that is not allowed in kodular or he may using duplicate blocks in screen1

@Zagal , Is there any error seen in screen1? Show your blocks screenshot

No, there is no error in screen1. There are some warnings, but they are for text blocks I have alone that I use to navigate in the blocks, because I have almost 9.000 blocks in the app.
I never had a problem like this with this blocks.
Neither the problem can be any extension because I compiled the app bundle this morning without problem, and I have not used any new extension since then.
And remember that the apk file can be made, but not the app bundle.
Its kind of weird.

I have provoqued an error and solved it, and then the app bundle have been made!!
Maybe some kind of error remains there hidden and have been solved doing that.

Yeah that is what I said… Instead of error i mentioned as duplicate blocks. Whenever you complete a screen make sure there is no warning. Simple

There was no error. Not visible, at least. I think that creating a new error and fixing It removed both, the new and the hidden one. What was really weird is that the APK could be compiled but not the app bundle. Anyway It is fixed already.
Thanks for your help.

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