Firebase Auth dependency missing

I’m using default Kodular modules for Firebase Auth, plus the following custom extensions:


well, did everyone who get problem with app can’t start it’s because using kodular firebase comp? . lately i’ve been compiling many project and they all is fine. ofc im not using any firebase comp at all.

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Could you please prepare an example project as small as possible without extensions, which elicits this issue and add it into this thread?

This might help our friendly but sleepy Kodular team to fix that issue. .


Sure, I can try to do that.

I can’t remember how to set Firebase Auth on a new project out of my head, but I’ll try to relearn it and put something together this monday (I’m on GMT-3).

Thank you for your input!

No problem @cadufpolis

In a project already created and that uses firebase auth I have the same problem, the app closes. But when creating a new project with firebase auth there is no problem.

I get it and if you delete the component and reload it what happens?

or try adding another Auth component move the blocks to the new one and remove the first Auth

I already tried it, by removing the firebase authentication component the app works again

And when I add it again the error also returns

I just compiled an old project that uses auth and it works perfectly for me

Possibly some extension is causing a conflict so, I’m testing by eliminating them but I still can’t find which one

So it’s depending to something like “luck”?

I bet it is this one that causes all the issues


You were right. Removing this extension made the app install and run correctly. Thank you!

Now, I do need a solution for sending push notifications to my users. Do you know any alternative that currently works?

I assumed that this extension was removed before raising the problem, it is known that the free extension is not compatible with Auth.
I definitely recommend @iamwsumit

That’s not mine one though.
And I have provided alternative to Firebase Auth as well with latest sdk.

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Can I have a link to your extension, pls? I want to check it out.

I am using iamwsumit’s extension. This was the one causing the problem.

If it is causing problems, I just confirmed it.

It will not work with FirebaseAuth component.
You will have to use this extension to add auth:

Even this extension will also not work because some classes are used in both. If you decide use it, I can make them compatible.

As soon as OneSignal team releases working proguard rules, it will work with firebase auth component too.

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