Firebase Authentication Not Working

means I just have to export the apk again after the update and publish it to play store

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That’s right

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Well, I lied here

You can now use Phone Authentication


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How do you expect it to work when google is signing your apk with a new keystore


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Is it so ? I didn’t know that, btw.i have stored new key in firebase and it is working thanks

Judging by your post above

You probably opt for google signing


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Logout does not work (in fact it has never worked…)
If you want to change your account or logout, you can’t. You are always logged in

(( I have sha1 and file google-services.json ))


Logging out does work, but it works “correctly” with login via email

With Google Login you will use the account you used before, unless you have deleted the application data in Settings

I think it is due to a file that is stored after logging in

but this should not happen, logout block should allow us to pick another google account to login inside the app :thinking::thinking:


I have the same problem.

I need the app to sign in to another Google account and there is no way to select the user. Even logging out.

Really in my understanding is an issue that can be improved, is the suggestion.


Not the best way out, but it works.

Every time I need to login with a different user, I go to the account settings on the mobile and remove the other users, leaving only the user I need to login to.

With this the app always asks which user I want to login.


  • Anyone managed to solve this problem in another way?

-How to select another google account after logout?


when i use get current user no data is retrived . what i have to do?

Still today the same problems is occurring.
Google authentication is not working

You need to set sha2 in your firebase. If you need tutorial then pm me.i have hindi tutorial. If i give you here then my comment will be edited by mod

After published on playstore every app will get sha2 in play console. & you need set this in firebase.

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I have no Play Console Account :sob:

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Same to you

Go to your play console > Setup > App Signing
Copy SHA-1 certificate fingerprint and SHA-256 certificate fingerprint
Now head over to firebase console > project settings > General > Scrool down you will see (Add Fingerprint) now add both the fingerprints you copied
after adding the fingerprints download the googleservices.json file and replace it with the file in your app