Firebase bucket ... It's amazing but

Can you guys point my project bucket plz… I m new here…

Is is a bucket EG_Ride ? If no , than how to create a main bucket and put all the bucket under it .?

fireauth-e8ehe is a bucket or what ??

Thats your bucket.

You can create a new one by just changin the bucket name in your code

Project Heading/Title

while you creating time
set firebase bucket to (desired text)

for better suggestion, share us what have you tried

I want to call all the tags but not working for me…

Just use get tag list

or use web component

Web url is

Basically I want username … How can I achieve this… Can you plz explain… Or gimme me some hint

Add(or use) a firebase database component and set its project bucket( in designer) to 1234567890 and use the block Get Value. Set its tag to Username, like this:-

This will trigger the block Got Value, use it for your desired purpose.

Are you using firebase authentication?

No…I am not using

Ok I will try tonight and update you…

But I want all the username of all the buckets at once…

Then you have to try like this,




not working for me … i dont know why

here is the aia file… plz check it out…
jaisairam.aia (163.5 KB)

in which screen you need to get username ?


3 mistakes…

Try clearing bucket from firebase project, also remove bucket from screen init
Also remove EC Ride from fireebase url

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you must strucutre firbase properly else it will lead to problem after making half of the apps… Always pre plan is important

jaisairam1.aia (163.5 KB)

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Thanks for your help

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why value not showing in front end…

Isnt? let me see wait…