Firebase invalid token error

I want to create a tag in firebase with the value “GNB0LHyE0QA8IGWCcJPA==”
then i got error this is unique id of user but not creating tag why

Show the blocks

this is happening due to cryptograpy but it giving the value in notifier

Remove the cryptography

crypto decoder giving “GNB0LHyE0QA8IGWCcJPA==”
if i will use text in bucket and using same value then its not giving error

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Try not using the cryptography

i know but cant remove that need to decode some text then wanted to store it on firebase

give a solution i can use both cyptocraphy and make tag on firebase

At first store it as global variable and set the get global variable in bucket

i tried it not working

even i tried label text also

which token are u adding. may be u are adding invalid token in firebase database

firebase bucket ko he ye token bol raha hai

noo, u are wrong bucket and token is different thing

then i am not using any token instead of crpto decryption with AES key

Change this default token to your firebase web api key

i find the problem
pahle mai bhi ye he smaj raha tha sab dek liya ye sab sahi hai

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