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list.aia (5.3 KB)

how can i print firebase data to screen i am not using list view textlabel will be written

Do you wannt to display all the values from the tags?9i.e from tag1, tag2, tag3… ion a label)

Dont you wanna use list view elements block?

I don’t use listview

write a label… yes…

You want to show only one tag value at a time or all the tags value On click?

All tag values ​​will appear when the page loads

then you should use dynamic component extension also your tag should not be a single digit(you wont get data if it is single digit)

I do not understand. Can you show the aia file?

I dont think your blocks are correct

try this

list(1).aia (43.0 KB)

Pls delete all the tags from your database and try

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It works fine. However, when the application is closed and opened, it overwrites the previous one. It doesn’t continue from where it left off.

Yes, if you want then on button clcik you have set the firebase list last item …

I don’t know how to shape it.

list(2).aia (43.4 KB)

Then try this…

And you can design such way that upon every clcik list to be updated in the app… but every click if you read firebase database then your free limit will expire soon unless you have more users. (Less blocks will be needed but consumes firebase limits)

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Made any changes in firebase ??

First 4 items entered correctly without prob

no, I did not

App initialise itself getting such error or while saving ?

Working fine for me…

list.aia (42.3 KB)

Screen instalizing

Make sure ,in firebase designer part project bucket is empty. If not you will get such error only. App is working fine. Tested in aia and apk

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