For each with Firebase

My English is bad so I will use translation.
I want to print the data I get from Firebase using dynamic label. However, it doesn’t work the way I want. Where is the problem please help.

Global Numra1 ,Global Numra2 should be Empty List

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I did not get the result I wanted

Basically, I am making an application with whatsapp groups. I’m trying to pull the group sent to me to a screen where I can confirm. I can try different ideas.

Can you tell what is your expected Result and What you got Please Tell.

Can You give

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When I did what you said, it did not give an error, but the text was not transferred to the screen.

I just want to print the data over firebase using dynamic label in the form of 50-49-48-47. Can you give a simple example?

And I tried this And I tried it differently but it didn’t work

Okay I will Send An Example

Can you send aia

thank u for your interest
I deleted all components and try again. Fixed :slight_smile:

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