Firebase Query pls help

I want to check tag value in firebase in realtime. How to do this.
For eg.

If i store value “open” in tag then notifer show in app and when i store value “close” then notifier will dissmis but how can this possible in realtime.
Without closing app the notifier should dissmis
if tag value is close

It’s A Simple

Is that possible to get data every 10 sec from firebase…

Yes It’s Possible

Can u tell me how

Plss tell how to do that

Is this blocks will check firebase tag value every time?

Yes This Block Will Check Value In Every 10se And When Got Close Value It’s Will Be Dismissed And Checking Will Stop

And if again value will open then? Will it check

if You Want To Make It Continuously The You Should Remove The Clock From Got Value

There is something wrong in your code!

Why should I use a variable??

If We Not Use variable The Notifier Will Open In Every 10se And It’s Crash The App And Can’t Dismiss

On first code, you made something wrong! Have you noticed?!

Yes, After That I Declare That

@bluezoneplay Use 2nd code of @Srrazmi . Hope that could help you.

Now All Is Set Check it Again

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You know the full name of the Firebase component you are using?
“Firebase Realtime Database”

Simply use the OnDataChanged event handler to get changes in realtime.

And please remove that mess of a timer I see. It hurts me emotionally.


If i change value in firebase database while opening app then can notifier will dissmiss automatically without reopen app