Firebase Script

I need a script, so I humbly ask my friends to send me one to answer.

I found this address a Script but it is only a template, and since I do not know how to make the modifications, then I ask that if someone can help me, send me a script that meets my need. For this, I will describe my need here.
I need each Codigo to be sent in List format, because my project is the Horizontal List TAG.

Below I send a sample of my Google spreadsheet and also an image of how I need to be saved this data in FireBase.

Please, can you guys help me?



It is easy to do with airtable.
Is there any method to get all rows or rows in fusion tables?

I honestly already gave up doing with airtable, just see the qnt of posts I asked about airtabe. Actually the problem with the airtable is that to work here it was necessary to make a Spreadsheet for each column, as for each product I need 13 columns, so there are many Spreadsheet, and this slows down the app. Already on Firebase it was pretty fast. What I’m missing now is being able to send my Google Spreadsheet table to the firebase in LIstas format, so I do not have to retype more than 1000 items. Making this integration of Palnilha google and Firebase is easier because every time I update the google worksheet, the firebase will also be updated.

What’s the purpose using Google Spreadsheets?
Why don’t you write the data straight in Firebase?

Hello, it’s because I made a very complex Access Point, and my entire product registration is there with details such as code, barcode, product name, QNT, value etc etc and such.
I need to then pass everything to FireBase and when my Google worksheet update at the same time the firebase with that Script tb will update, understood. So I’ll have to diarimente send a .CSV spreadsheet to google spreadsheet and use it in this Script, so my App and my POS will be synchronized.

Ola amigao, é porque eu fiz um PDV em Access muito complexo, e Todo meu cadastro de produtos esta ali com detalhes, como codigo, codigo de barras, nome do produto, QNT, valor etc etc e tal.
Preciso entao passar tudo para o FireBase e quando minha planilha Google atualizar ao mesmo tempo o firebase com esse Script tb atualizara, entendeu. Sendo assim vou ter que diarimente enviar uma planilha .CSV para a planilha do google e de la usar esse Script, assim meu App e meu PDV vao estar sincronizados.