Missing Google Spreadsheet!

Hi, After Fusiontable retired from the job, I am fetching pathetic problems storing the user details! I don’t know how similar Airtable Spreadsheet is with Fusion Table. I am fetching problem storing details. Ex: User Name, Email Id, Password etc.
Can I please have some screenshot how to code?

Search the community instead of asking for code…

I think you mean “Blocks” by “code”
anyways, every block has a decent description. To read this description, click on the component in block section and hower your cursor over the block and you will see it.
And as you have experiencxe of airtable it will be more easy for you to learn.

We donot want to prevent you from learning and experimenting yourself and explore the option, but always fell free if you have any doubt in something you tried

I believe these could help …

How to write:

How to read:

Good Day Fabio, I have a google sheet connected with my app. The problem is how can i synchronise the data for messaging?