Firebase store just string stored on database

need help
im using firebase database component, when im store data with integer or boolean or another type of data, on firebase database always stored string type. how solve this problem?

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Hi @knoppix_distro welcome to Kodular Community
Firebase will store values as you will store it.
Means if you will store a list then while getting data it will be also in list format.

I think you are not retrieving it.Get data and see what happens.

look it on google firebase console the all type data become string : Screenshot by Lightshot

Here code block : Screenshot by Lightshot

do you mean " " ?
that dont make your data string.its firebase value system . means inside of " " there is a value
it can be string or number or whatever.

yes i mean " " the value of firebase become string. when i store boolean true on firebase databse become “true”, store integer 100 on firebase database become “100” all value become string.

yes but they are integer still. " " not mean string.
you can think this " " is firebox drawers.

no… there still string
u can change it with remove " " on your firebase database console
look at this ->

Here is your answer:

In above screenshot ‘Test’ is boolean , ‘Test2’ is an integer , ‘Test23’ is a string and ‘Test_list’ is a list.

In Firebase,
Booleans are stored in ''Boolean'
Integers are stored in "Integer"
Strings are stored in "\" String\"
Lists are stored in [item1 item2]

Hope this helps!

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hmm… i think there are stored still on string, cause has " " on firebase.
the case same using “thunk****” classic, but not for “thunk****” x, in Thunk**** x data stored with the right type, if u store boolean and another type except string u will got data without " ".

Simply every data type has a definite format structure.