Firebase store value notification


I created application.
And I want that when I store any value or images.
After stored successful at the same time I need show notification data is successfully stored.

Is it possible in kodular ?

Just show a Notifier Alert


Firebase Database
Firebase Storage

For Firebase Database -
Use this Block and add Notifier - Show Alert.
component_event (1)

For Firebase Storage -
Use this Block and add Notifier - Show Alert.

@Vikash_Rana u should do that because firebase is very fast it will store the value immediately

For Firebase Database, using Data Changed block will give an alert message from every User who is Active in the App.


that depends on how you are managing the database.

if you have something like different project buckets for different user, then nothing will happen so.

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I have a firebase storage extention
so, what should i do ?

Which Extension.

And Why Extension when we have Inbuilt Firebase Storage Component.

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There’s an extension for Firebase Storage. The in-built component needs JSON file from Firebase while the extension component doesn’t. :grimacing:

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this extention comunication process is too long.
can you explain me in easy way ?
how can we use it ?

To upload file to Firebase storage, you cam use extension or you can use in built component. For in built component, you should upload Google service JSON in your asset. :slight_smile:

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