FontSize AnyComponent Half-working Help!

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a quiz app and it is pratically finish, now I want to make the FontSize Responsive because with low Height x Width, it is impossible to see everything!

So I did this:

And it is half working, because now the FontSize is reduce for all the devices I’m testing on Android Studio, even with high HxW, so I don’t really know what to do now… another component? or it is bad block process?

Thank you for your help!

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Using this method, I tried this because the blocks doesn’t work.

Strangely, for devices with 1080 Width and upper, the fontsize fit the screen whatever the value: when I change the fontsize value, nothing change, for example if I change FontAspect value for 2 instead of 12, the size doesn’t reduce and keep fit.
And for devices with low Width, this doesn’t work, the size doesn’t reduce or change whatever the value…

EDIT: Well, I’m just stupid, I just retried exactly the blocks on the topic given, I was bait because I thinked the FontResponsiveAspect value had to be the same as the value on the design screen, and I didn’t have good results, but I tested to calculate and change values and now the result is good, sorry…

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