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I’m sorry but I did not understand what you were trying to say

A proceedure is a call to perform a task. You are telling your program . — Call this task and make it asynchornous, And when you do that call this task which is not asynchronous.

A —> . calls B(async) then —> calls C(not asynch),

If you want Async, try to make it so that

A —> calls D(async).

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You have been hear long enough, I and many other ProKoders have told you before, please be more descriptive

So? So What?

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I mean, is this true?

Is what true?

I did not understand this

Good luck. I have tried, and I always try. I gave a clear answer and your response is


Then your response

Is this true?

And I do not understand what you are asking, and I am not going to guess.


My problem

I did this procedure and it was not synchronous

Do I have error or error in the extension

Thank you

You called the function with an Asynch function. What are you trying to do?

It is supposed to be called synchronous

You are not making sense.

You said

Yet you use an Asynch extension



By this post (So) he wanted to know if his blocks in the same post was blocked correctly or not.

It really become difficult to understand sometimes…


is Can upload synchronized images:sweat_smile:

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There’s another stretch that does the same job.
That’s how he delays tasks like the clock.

you might want to learn how to work with lists…


im not able to download

Refresh Download link, your website is down

I’ve got you covered. @Abhijith_Dominic they shouldn’t have to contact you or someone else on Telegram for an AIX, this is beginning to become ridiculous with developers.

co.sgext_.asyncprocedure.aix (20.7 KB)


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