[Free] Google Sheet Leaderboard System Aia

Hello Friends, Today I Am Going To Provide You A New Aia Of Leaderboard System. i hope you like this :slightly_smiling_face:

Release date: 2022-03-04T18:30:00Z
Developed By App Helper

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Note:- My English Is Not So Good So Please Adjust. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


List Variables

Rendom List Image

User namer images


When Screen Open

Max To Min Procedures

All Blicks

Tutorial Video Without Google Spreadsheet:- Watch Tutorial Video

Tutorial Video With Google Spreadsheet:- Watch Tutorial Video

Aia File With Google Spreadsheet:- MaxToMinGoogleSheetK.aia (44.2 KB)


Leaderboard System aia with Google Spreadsheet Database

Aia File:- MaxToMinGoogleSheetK.aia (44.2 KB)

Tutorial Video With Google Spreadsheet:- Watch Now

I temporarily unlist this post because both aia weren’t creared with Kodular and gives error when trying to test. Error caused by missing or different project settings and most of the community’s user won’t be able to solve in order to test them

Ok done i updated it now listed my post

Still not working, missing properties RTL support, Min SDK, receiveSharedText,splashEnabled

no i done it from kodular


here is the proof

See project settings, no need for proof

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ok now check

I did, did you ? Just download above aia files, import them to Kodular and try to test them with companion. Do you get any errors or not ?

no error

Possibly easier solution, when using google sheets, is to setup a separate sheet, run a query on all the scores to return the leaderboard (order by desc / limit). Then from app just make a gviz query call/ csv export to get the leaderboard data using the web component.


Yes… without using any script code or multiple blocks, easily we can achieve this with gviz method…



with limit 3 desc


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