[FREE] UrbanDB : Simplest Database Ever with Media Hosting

Hello to Every Koder,

This is my First Try to Contribute to a Great Platform “Kodular”.
First Time on Kodular
So I am up with a Solution for Hosting Media Files along with Some Required API Method for Database. Here you Can use your Google Sheet as a DB. You can also called it Unlimited Storage for Photos and Videos

List of Features

  • Media Hosting
    (Free upto 10 MB)(Currently Supports Images, Video and Other Coming Very Soon)
  • Retrive Media with URL
  • No Restrictions on Media Size, Resolution, Unlimited Media
  • Database Methods
    (GetAllRows, GetRow, GetColumn, GetCell, GetHeader, AppendRow, AppendRows, GetLastRow, GetLastColumn, Many More to Come)
  • No Need to Keep Sheet Private.
    (Security Should be Motto)

Custom Plan and On-Demand Methods Available.

This All Thing can be Achieved with the Help of API

I would like to Thanks to Following Extension Creator.

  1. KIO4 Terminal
  2. JSONTools

The Sample AIA is Attached herewith
KodularUrbanDB_MMApps.aia (32.5 KB)

There is no Need to Pay Extra for Different Platform. You Can use UrbanDB across Many Platform such as :

  • Nodejs
  • Python
  • Website
  • Studio
  • Flutter
  • Java
  • Many More

To use this Service you need an API, which you Can get by Directly Connecting with me on Telegram.

You can Get Templates for Other Platform/Languages from here.

Block Docs

  1. Initializing Credentials

  1. GetAllRows

This Block is for Getting all Rows in a JSON Format.

  1. GetRow

This Block is for Get Particular Row based on Index

  1. GetColumn

    This Block is for Getting Column with values as a List.

  2. GetCell

    This Block is for Getting Particular Cell Values for on Column and Row Indexing

This Block returns a List of Headers

  1. AppendRow

    This Block is for adding a Single Row in Database.

    This is the Way to USe. in a Comma Seprated Way.

  2. AppendRows

    This Block is Used for adding Multiple Rows into Databse in a Single Request.

    This is the Implementation for Adding Multiples Rows.

Check Pricing on website.

NOTE : Any Developer wish to Make Extension for UrbanDB are Most Welcome with Other Benefits too or to Contribute in Writing Docs.

Looking forward for any Review / Suggestion.


This is not how we see a guide. Posting an aia and some explanation. Post your blocks and tell what they do.


This is more of a bridge between app and service, the docs are there on his website, just check it out.


Ok I am Updating Right Now. As I said in First Line. I am trying First Time.

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Yes Docs is Available on Website. Anyways I am Adding Block Docs Now.

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