Gallery App - problem

Hi guys, i’m a new student that is not familiar with kodular plataform yet. So i was trying to create an app, like a Gallery, and i get sucess trying to do it. Unfortunately there is some problems that i can’t solve, i searched for some info but nothing appers to solve it.

So, let’s see:

First, this is my kodular blocks->

Problem 1: all images displayed on the screen are in landspace mode (but i took a portrait picture)

(real image)

Problem 2: when i change grid_view to 3 or 4 columns, all images get distorted as you can see on my screeshot (i really don’t know how to fix the size and put some spaces between all images).

Problem 3: can i refresh the “gallery” after took a new photo? I mean,

Well, i really appreciate all help. Thanks.

For point 1
Rotate that picture by 90 degree by using block then it’s become portrait

For point 2 you can make that item
in grid list by using dynamic extension of @yusufcihan
And use decoration component from design properties.

For ur 3rd point solution is:-
You can refresh your gallery by using
Taifuntool extension


I’ll try all you said, and after this i show up to comment if it worked or not. For now, i’m glad for your answer! Thank you. :smile:

Some Android gallery apps in the Google Play Store have a collage style grid in which photos have different shapes and sizes until you click or tap on them. That is why they look like that.