Get Tag and Value of nested project bucket

Hi, I’m new here, sorry if I make mistake, cmiiw. I have a problem in my apps, let me tell it first, this apps is used for booking lab. and when you order you must give input for date and hours. So this app is success to store value and connected to firebase which it look like this.


About the boxes, red is represent of the data I should show and make an output like a schedule so no one is mistakenly order the laboratory. Because the work of my friend at storing the data the date and the hours become sub project bucket / nested project bucket. So did you guys have advice for me to get this straight from the start or continue the work to show the data. But if I continue this I didn’t know how to show it. Oh right the blue boxes is represent of the screen for each laboratory and of course it should be displaying the schedule. I already know about calling specifically to each of the sub project but the main question is how do I make an output like this for each screen (laboratory):

dd-mm-yyyy, hh:mm

dd-mm-yyyy, hh:mm


I would suggest this method, and you can modify according to your needs,

Also suggesting you to consider as all of them a list and select it one by one.

Firebase Structure:

Blocks strucutre:

Note: I used reverse the list, so that you will get the first stored value if not you will get the latest entry…

Explanation of the blocks:

OUTPUT in the app:

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Let me know whether working or not. This is the aia file, try it
working_area (3).aia (25.8 KB)

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Instead of storing these values in firebase why dont you try to store in google sheet, and you can see all values stored orderly and you can view it simply viewing the sheet. Please consider it,

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well, I’ll try both of your advices thank you so much.:pray:

I’m sorry but I still don’t understand about how to use reverse list, and how much select list item from the list, because of my apps shouldn’t have to click something so I put the call Firebase Database got value inside of when “my screen” initialize block.

and I have an error about this, which I guess that “value if tag not there” that should be fine if that’s empty.


it still the same the construct of my project bucket at firebase.

Yes you have missed few select from list block. Let me try to simplify it. Please wait

Update @SASMITA Did you try the aia file attached?

okay I’ll be waiting, yes I already try yours but I just couldn’t understand how that work and yes the warn is the same about the reverse list can’t accept the argument [empty string]

Finally, i found the solution there by you can get all the firebase tags and their values in a single label whenever screen initialize without list view block…

The blocks are,

Working aia file
working_area fin.aia (20.5 KB)


thank you both of them are works and the last one is truly the result we want. Next is I have to find a way to not to show the encryption under the name and NIM data. And I need to make sure am I doing this right because it’s an booking app, So I think it should be have start and end time and no one is order the same date and the same hour or maybe taking some time from the other’s order. But then again thanks for your help, if you had any suggestion, I will appreciate it or maybe I’ll consider it.

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It is possible but i but it will quit difficult, because , suppose if i am the user and booking mean next time i may try with another name( may be mother, father, wife, etc etc) you cont do anything…

For that what you need is, Store the Name alone in different tag and if the new entry matches with the existing one you can alert the user, “Already you have booked” but if two users are there in same name what can do?

If your query solved as per the post please mark solution there by it will be helpful for the needy people next time. You can create another topic for differentquery. No issue. Keep going

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You can create two app, one for admin and another for user. You no need to use above procedure in user app. Let them to know their booking success or type of error i.e already booked or booked completely, or another booking possible after particular time like that and all. Above procedure i.e when screen initialize you can get all the details

I’m sorry my internet was trouble yesterday, I’ll just explain about my project first.
It’s kind of IoT project, which is me and my friends build an app and a hardware for 1,5 month. The project is about booking some laboratory, the concept is the user open the app >> user looking for schedule by the laboratory >> user order >> user got qr code. The QR code will automatically saved when they’re being generated. And then the hardware will recognize qr code when user in front of lab to attend the order of user already made before. So the hardware will automatically call the lock of the door to open. Alright let’s skip about the hardware because, it’s not the place to be explain it. I’ll send my project right away for you to see.

Aplikasi_Peminjaman_Lab_.aia (150.7 KB)

Ok, now what you want we to do…

  1. User need to order and it have to save as qr code only or more than that

Note: In the LabGame screen dont use reverselist for firebase value. It will end up with error later. I advised you to use according to your query, but here no need. Directly get value

I assure you will get an error in this screen. Because you are expecting to get firebase value just with project bucket, but it wont work… Either you have to call firebase tag list or have to call any tag value. Then only you will get fb value

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yes and it already done, so the task I must done is.

  1. Show schedule each of lab when and who is already booking it
  2. Not to show the encryption value

and please ignore “Jadwal” screen because it was my friend made I make it to “screen1” because I don’t know how to show all in one. How could I show all lab with only 1 screen if I couldn’t show only 1 lab.Yeah about the “LabGame” screen, it’s because I didn’t had a chance to change it yesterday because I was stuck learn about reverse list and then my internet is down, but thanks noted.

yeah you can show all the labs in a single screen but it needs lot of patients and plenty of arrangements…

  1. First plan how many lables, design it and put in all of then in a single vertical arrangements(Likethis repeat for all the lab- instead of 5 screen better you can use 5 vertical arrangements.).
  2. when screen initialize you hide all the vertical arrangements and show button to choose the lab. Once if clicked on the lab that lab vertical arrangemtn only need to visible and make other vertical arrangement visible as false.

Can you catch my point?

yeah yeah I got it. So I got 5 vertical arrangement in 1 vertical arangement, but all 5 of that vertical arrangement is inside 5 of each button and keep it as simple as possible in one screen and let the user choose which schedule they want to see. Am I right?

In the LabGame screen you update the blocks as shown…

So this will give the users only the NIM value - Name value as a list…(as what you expected- you can change it in your style)
Booked date and time
Nim Value - Name Value


Vertica arangement 1 - screen 1 blocks
Vertica arangement 2 - screen 2 blocks
Vertica arangement 3 - screen 3 blocks

So when screen initialize make the possible VA visible. And if user selects any lab make visible that VA only and remaining must be not visible

In every VA arrangement you can use any number of arrangements or blocks and all will go visible false. So no worry. Upon final submission you can make all VA not visible and make QR code alone visible like… Think and act.