Give me an idea for a free extension

I will try making one with this @gopi

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Thankyou so much

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this is good idea

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Maybe an extension that allows you to send messages on discord via a webhook

Hello @DevYB
With these various extension suggestions, can you already choose which one to develop?

extension exists by @Kevinkun
link -


Have made this long time ago, but leave it there half way, since I found we can do this with webviewer and JavaScript.

I also want this but a custom one.
Like I want to store the data in airtable and not linked to playstore. It would become useful if the app is published on other stores and not on Playstore. This is a “firebase” style database but open source What can be hosted on your own server an extension for this database would be interesting

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I think the kodular requires best pdf extension that can show pdf from online

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Hello, that’s good look like you are in lockdown mode now! :slight_smile: try todo grid image view from air table or any server but with cache mode <<—

I need an extension that can preview images
you can help create from source

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singup and login with OTP.

Is anyone going to make this type of extension?? If not then i will surely give a try.

Extension for Firebase in app messaging, I know one signal provides In app but there are many things which can’t be done with one signal

please make an extension on loading app extension. when someone open any app it take loading but in your extension you have to do is reduce the loading time of app it also help to people to attract with app

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I desparately need a Dicom viewer extension. Its like an image viewer but for Dicom files.
Here is an open source GitHub project of the same


Please make Google Spreadsheet Extension Free…