Glossy Card View Extensions

How to use
Simply use Create function, Just pass horizontal or vertical arrangement,
In which you want to add glossy card view…
Mostly Same Blocks in All Extensions.


BackgroundColorI mean Background Gradient 1st Color
BackgroundColorII mean Background Gradient 2nd Color

#Inbuilt Three types Of Card View With Separate Extension

Short instructions to use Extension

Create Transparent Glossy Effect For Card View
k transparent

Set color with the help of RGBtoHex method
K color

Short Video Demo

AIA: GlossyExtensions.aia (32.8 KB)

AIX: com.Sidcreative.GlossyCard.aix (28.5 KB)

NOTE: Any type of Advise is acceptable.
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I unlist this for now. Please show Kodular blocks cause in your examples you are using MIT App Inventor’s blocks

finally what I was waiting for came… btw is it possible to use with dynamic component by yusufcihan?

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No, components not similar to kodular components Html Css based Extension.

@dora_paz Post Updated

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CSS based extension… good to see and weldone @shanji76242143 … Keep supporting our community…


Every extension can be used with the Dynamic Components extension. There’s no need to always ask this for every extension you like.

Beautiful Extension

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Good Creation

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Some Xperiment


Use colin scroll arrangement extension for scrolling both arrangements

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Nice idea thanks

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Why Not Working This Method Can You Explain

Devaide 2 Catagory

Subtitles text size or subtitles color separate pls

Your input is single item require List view

Input single item to marge 1 Catagory

See my image title 1,title 1

Convert to title 1, title 2

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Cool :slightly_smiling_face: @shanji76242143 keep :kodular:oding

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