Google admanager and the flaws in ads

It’s no secret that kodular’s new ads, ad manager pays less, but I wasn’t prepared for such low payments, I went from a developer who earned U$500 a month to earning U$30 a month from the new ads, I don’t understand , I have apps with over 100,000 downloads and over 15,000 active users per day.
I’m very worried about my future on kodular, I’ve always created content for the youtuber in order to show kodular to more people, especially with matters related to making money with ads and I had to delete it because it became a lie and it doesn’t make sense anymore.
The fact is, the kodular has to turn its eyes to its audience, because like it or not, we are the workers who give structure to the project.
a fan advice, They could come back with the admob ads, because they pay better, in addition to presenting less failures and having complete reports that serve thousands of things here in Brazil for example, I bought my car because I presented the admob reports, the google ad manager don’t have it, can’t block advertisers and much more problems.


I totally agree with you with such low ecpm and no ad fill rate on ad manager we couldn’t see our future they promise us to give high ecpm ads but couldn’t see such type of ads video ad inventory still not enabled yet so we get code 3 error also they promise to ad some ad network in open bidding but no response

Now my ads stop working but no response from @Kodular

Kodular we are talking to you. reply us by the way. have a look to Ad Manager.

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It’s more than a month is over since we are not kodular premium but not getting any support or help from them.
When I ask any questions from them they never reply.
What’s wrong with the kodular???

Sad situation for us who work with kodular.

Mine also stopped, Two days it has $0, and not even the reward video is showing, causing some parts of the app not to be shown.

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The kodular managers seem to have forgotten once and for all that we are the ones who give structure and publicity to the project.

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