Google partnership, new commissions, and upcoming roadmap

Where can I find the new commissions After fenix update?

You can find commission percentages in the docs page of each ad component


Laborious process to go through each component docs :disappointed_relieved:

Commission values are listed at the top of each page. Couldn’t be any easier to find


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Yes I have seen that

Banner ads previously didn’t have any commissions

Kodular will now have full controls over your dashboard. So, yes! I am not shocked when you question about transparency.

Anyway, we can just hope for the best! :grinning:

you should also partner with firebase.
thanks for the update :heart:.

Our reporting system is not much different than what you see on other ad networks. Besides, we get all our reporting data from Google Ad Manager, so you can be assured that it is accurate.

Kodular doesn’t keep track of impressions or clicks on our new ad components. We rely on Google for this data.


If there was a bit detailed explaination about how it works. How will our accounts get affected etc. It would be great.

Please check out the documentation linked in the first post (

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I have 2 questions about the new update:

-If my app is designed for children and if I use kodular’s ad blocks, will the ads be suitable for kids automaticly or there will be an option like “this app is for children”??

-You know the issue about google play family certified ads sdks, will it be problem any more?


What abbout Starapp Sdk ?
I Couldn’t publish my educational app for under 13 kids.

Good to here about Google Ad Manager .

I think you have an Google Certified Publishing Partner Certificate and tag.

It will more benificial now for Koders, and i believe that we will see less commision then older version

we need to create a google ads manager account for showing kodular ads .

I have a question .
If i want to show startapp ads in my app i need googles ads manager ?

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At the moment, all monetisation components except the newly introduced ones work as they did before the update


Apologies, I meant to specify “monetisation” components and the process to use them in your app.
We haven’t released bug fixes as of yet