Google partnership, new commissions, and upcoming roadmap

what about if we face invalid activity how we be able to control that if we dont have control our own ads.
And what about if we have ads limits in our admob account

And also there is no native ads in google ads manager

Can I create a new Gmail account to sign up for Google Ad Manager? The thing is, I don’t use Gmail inbox for my Kodular account.

You do not need a Gmail account to sign up to Google Ad Manager. Please use the same email address you use to access Kodular


Your apps will qualify for family certification if you use our new monetisation components


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Thanks a lot .Now we will rise again

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@Vishwas I was invited and approved for Google Ads Manager. Implemented the blocks correctly but the Banner ad1 doesn’t show up even for the test ads both in companion and downloaded. Will it only show when the app was published with Banner ad1 in it?

Please open a new topic in #kreatorcamp:ad-manager with a screenshot of any relevant blocks, the Ad Manager component as seen in the designer, and the error message.


so my earning show google ads manager or kodular ya only kodular

Congratulations :bouquet: :bouquet::star_struck:

My account got approved by google ad manager. Then what’s next I should do.?

Now you can start monetizing your apps with our new components. You must change all ad components from the legacy ad networks to the custom ones, following this tutorial:

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hi I am send Request for Monetization plz accept me

When standard release Available

Hey, I have joined Kodular in Jan and have built several projects. Now, I’m in a difficult situation. I really hoped that this update will fix my problem but things might take some more time.
I have applied for Google Ads Program but not approved till now.
Total Download of my apps > 115k but haven’t earn a single dollar, have 22 dollar in my admob account but adlimit.

I would like to request you to use download as a criteria.

Is it allowed to have kodular monetization for 2 creators account?


You make a valid point. We have changed the form to accept them as proof as well.
In the second page, you will now see a selector where you can either choose to apply by having a popular app (download, users) or monetizable app (advertising). If you go with the first one, you will be asked to provide data about both download and users, but proof can be from just one of them.
Go ahead and apply!

Hey @Diego , form is not allowing me to reapply again, can you please reset my response?

How many times it takes for approving Google ads program by kodular?