Greetings; I am getting this error in my application, how can I fix it. Can you help?

still same…


I keep getting this error.

How it is possible in screen1 itself?

Do you know how this block works Get Start Value?


Actually what you wanna show…

I did it for Turkish data, but if it’s wrong, we can delete it.

I am using it for english data (chemical screen)

Uploading: Ekran Alıntısı.PNG…
When the English button is clicked, the data appears on the chemical screen. When the Turkish button is clicked, the data appears on the screen1 screen.

if i remove that block, then i able to see the list of chemicals without such error… Do not use get start value in screen init itself for screen1. If you are setting in next screen then you must send that amount of datas as a list to next screen

exactly . then should I do those blocks on another screen. Because I used the virtual screen on the 1st screen so that the application would be faster.

how to do you differentiate english and turkee within app?

this is bad way of sending data within same screen. Instead you arrangements…

instead try this

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Now I’m moving these blocks to another screen. I tried to do it on the same screen, but there was a problem. Is that why the English search button doesn’t work?

then let me add the blocks you gave first .un mınute

Upon clicking any card view does not return any data due to this… Not checked for search option… wait

ı wait and i change blocks

Turkish search button works but English search button does not work

I wonder what should be done in order to search the buttons by name only, by both name and cas number?

How could it be possible? If so are you goong to use two trxt boxes for search?

Sample search virw based on matching with single item

yes.I’m checking it out now. Thank you very much for your interest.

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