Guys I'm having problem with companion is not working at all!

one more time, Kodular Rendezvous Server and compagnon on my phone are not working for me. is it the same for some one ?

thank you

exactly the same for me …and always now at 8h34 thursday, in the morning. french time

same here friend

But my cam. Work fine with USB this error show yesterday but now working fine

Same here.

is it okay now?

Same here.

Opera,Firefox,Microsoft edge,Chrome … All browser i check it still error comes in companion

and also USB COMPANION NOT WORKING IN above browsers plz check it and clear fast that.

Image of microsoft edge browser

sent a screen short

I also since yesterday my projects have stopped, I believe the problem will solved soon :pensive:

I am unable to connect with companion. I used firefox and chrome but no response.
I uninstalled companion then reinstalled as well as i signed out and signed in again but same issue is occuring
How to solve this problems?

use USB companion now this is working

how to use it ?

wait telling

GO to this link;- Via USB - Kodular Docs

let me do this

click on GitHub link


Is there any solution for 32bit as it was for 64 bit pc

I have never used connect via USB
I went to github link, downloaded KodularStarter_windows.exe,
double clicked it

Now can you list all further steps