Hello everyone, it's a problem with firebase logins

how to login firebase, when the user enters the wrong username it will appear error and if the username is correct then it will continue to the next screen, I have searched for this but did not find it

It is simple logic… did you read how firebase work or firebase guide ??


Show us what have you tried sofor…

I don’t know where to start.

Show your firebase structure pls

Have you set firebase project bucket as I WAYAN SUGIASA In firebase designer settings??

Because your tag list is present inside this bucket. So you must set it like that. Else your firebase tag list will give value as I WAYAN SUGIASAonly and always it will tell, the given text is not in the list.

In the screen init just before the firebase get tag list, Just add
Set firebase project bucket to I WAYAN SUGIASA

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Well, I understand now thank you for your time GSR

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