Hello i want to transfer text to another screen

hello i want to transfer text to another screen.

but when I send another text, the previous text disappears. how can the previous text that I published not disappear?

Please help

Show your blocks

What have tried?

In such cases pls use tinydb

Initi one global variable with empty list

On click button
1. Set this glob variable to create empty list
2. Again set the same variable to call tinydb tag vue, if not found create empty list
3. Add items to the list (get global variable)
Items (text box text)
4. Save tinydb tag name value get global list.

When screen2 initi,
1.Set lab latest to join list items with separator (\n) items (call tinydb get value)

This screan2
Processing: 20221215_141409780.jpg…

Screan 2

test with above suggested logic. In your case you are overwriting the values in tinydb. it is wrong approach

Can you give me example the blocks?

Try this

Remove this

Thank you so much

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