Help in Dynamic Creation of Dynamic Components

Hello Koders,
My Problem is Very Simple.

My Screen ( Landscape ) Arrangement is Like This -

  1. A Horizontal Scroll Arrangement.

  2. A Vertical Arrangement Placed inside the Horizontal Scroll Arrangement.

  3. Three Horizontal Scroll Arrangements [ Blue, Yellow, Green for Reference ] Placed inside Vertical Arrangement.

i am Using Dynamic Component Extension by yusufcihan to Make Card Views inside these Three Arrangements.
Atleast There are 300 - 350 Card Views.

i Want that -

  1. Randomly few CardViews Out of 300 - 350 get Created in 1st Arrangement.
    Say 100. ( So, Remaining are 200 - 250 )

  2. Randomly few CardViews Out of Remaining 200 - 250 get Created in 2nd Arrangement.
    Say 50. ( So, Remaining are 150 - 200 )

  3. Remaining CardViews Out of 150 - 200 get Created in 3rd Arrangement.

The CardViews which are Created in 1st Arrangement get Replaced by Empty Space in 2nd, and which are Created in 1st and 2nd Arrangement get Replaced by Empty Space in 3rd.

Like This -

i Explained it Very Bad. :man_facepalming:

But can Anyone Help Me.


I’m sorry but how many card views you need to created for each horizontal arrangement ?
You say randomly ???

Yes Randomly Any Number.
Atleast 300 - 350.

But they Need to get Devided ( Not Equally ) in those Three Arrangements.

I thinks this don’t stop there !!!
What more you need to created or show into card view ?

They are Empty. Just a image inside Every CardView from Assets.

Ok, but you need put HA into scroll HA to show 100/150 card view

i Did That Just Forgot to Mention.

Have you tried anything? If yes then show us, so that we can continue from there.

i Tried Few Things They Don’t Worked i Deleted Them.
Then Only i Asked in the Community.


I only asked you because, if you can show we can get exact idea of what exactly you are doing and it will help us to get answers to questions like on what basis do you want that cardviews to be created?

I know you must have tried. Wait let me try something. If everything goes well I will post it here.


Sorry for The inconvenience.
i Will Try To Elaborate More.


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Is very hard help you if you change some values or don’t say all you need to do !!!


i Think i Said All.

You say first 100/150 next 300/350 but is the same no matter the value.
With this created 350 card view into HA 1
You can set any configuration for all card view
blocks (5)

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i Edited Post 1 would you Please Bother Reading it Again.

And Sorry For The inconvenience.

Here All the Card Views are Created in Same 1st Arrangement,
But -

Simplifying the Question -

Let’s Suppose -

i Created 300 Card View in Green HSA
Randomly of Colour White and Red

Now i Want For Every of the Red Card View in Green HSA
A Dark Blue Card View is Created in Yellow SHA Right Above the Red Card View.

What ???
Last question is #off-topic

EDIT: You have not mentioned that any post solved your problem !!


i am just