Help me with text

I have lable content 13 zero
I want when user click on button number1 the zero number1 of label convert to to one (1)
and when user click on button number2 the zero number2 of label convert to to one (2)
How ?

This guide has everything you need :+1:.
Here :

Maybe this 2 Text blocks :


i read this topic
and I tried with 2 blocks but I failed

Please post your block that you have tried. We’ll look into it and try to correct you.
Also, please elaborate your post correctly. It’s to difficult to understand your post… I haven’t understood it yet.

One way could be this

He was supposed to try it alone. Me and @Sumit1334 , We know how to do it, but do not post the ready blocks, so he can try to do it himself first.

But … 🤦


I thought he wants to change text in label according to button’s number. I think the easiest way is to create a list of buttons and then when any button click set label’s text to button’s index in list. So if button 1 is clicked label is set to 1, if button 2 is clicked label is set to 2, …etc

But I think he wants

click 5


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You can do it always without this reply to me . But …
:hugs: I know you and your support in the community.
When @M.H.M will post his trying ,we can support it about mistake and with some explanation.
Have a good day

(Explanation != Ready blocks)
Hugs !

Sorry . If the guide line is no blocks before explanation , well, you have a new friend . I love this way to do. Probably I thought :thinking: men are busy I have 2 minute , I can help. A solution is always a good point to study if I want to learn.

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