Help with firebase consumption!

I have an application that uses firebase as database and is consuming a lot of download data, so I end up paying a very high value for Firebase. Could you help me in any way to reduce these costs?

make the files smaller. meany, you dont need jpeg files with a high resolution. So before you upload you img, change the resolution to a tinier value.If you work with img. But if you show us your blocks/files we can help you better.

So my app does not upload any files to the firebase, but sends and receives realtime data from the firebase containing only user information.
That is, every time the user enters the app the firebase is used for login, it is also used to load the content within the app and also is responsible for sending the punctuation that the user obtains, ie each time the user wins a point is sent to the firebase and it is returned in a label immediately.
And that ends up consuming a lot of data from the firebase.